Olen H ..... Ohio

This was exactly what I was looking for. Perfect  for avoiding unapproving glares transporting my weapon. Great product. Thank you.

Bob C .....  Illinois

Mr Ferrigan, I just wanted to let you know that I received the case. Everything looks GREAT. My rifle fits the case perfectly. Thank you again for everything and the great customer service

Tim B  .... Texas

GOT MY case today...love it. The first friend of mine I showed it to wants one. Definately going to send you some business. Thanks Again!!!

Sean  S,     Virginia

Dude, your case is rocking. I've been stopped three times already this week by neighbors, "Oh my son plays violin too..."  LOL

Jim G,     Michigan

Completely bad ass ...... totally invisible

Brent R,    California

Thanks for your excellent product. Fast service, fits like a glove. Seriously great product. Thanks!

Trent D.    Virginia

Just got the case. Fits like a glove. Stoked........ Great job!

Tim B.       Texas

Just had to let you know about my recent burglary. They took a shotgun and a .22........ never looked at the three Thugcases in the corner. Fifteen hundred bucks in ARs are still here. You're right... they're really invisible. Thanks!

About Thugcase

Thugcase is designed and produced in the USA in Clovis California. It's concept was brought about by the original idea of a nostalgic, protective transport for the designers' M4. The soft assault weapons cases left much to be desired for optics protection and left little to the imagination as to what was in the case. What transpired was the realization of true protective and covert transportation of weapons systems.

Taking the Thugcase to the range will draw a crowd when you open it. Assembly of the weapon takes seconds and does not alter the zero of the weapon. The simple act of efficient assembly of the upper and lower receiver demonstrates proficiency and knowledge of your weapon.

More importantly, transporting your weapon uncased or in the traditional assault weapons case in an urban environment under the watchful eyes of others will definitely draw attention. Comments from apartment dwellers as well as development residents have been entirely positive as observers/neighbors and public give no second thought to carrying the Thugcase from house to automobile.

Thugcase is legal for transport in jurisdictions requiring locking cases. Please research your local and state ordinances for proper transport laws. Thugcase is not a gun safe and not intended for storage as such.

Thugcase is designed and produced by veterans. A percentage of each sale is donated to the United States Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment in support for our brothers and sisters who benefit greatly by this organization. We donate as well to the Wounded Warrior Project. Please visit and support these fine support organizations. 

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